ELM ADDITIVE MASTERBATCHES - ELM Kimya | Recycling & Compound


ELM Kimya, manufactures highly effective additive masterbatch solutions for plastic and packaging industry that provides superior physical and mechanical properties to the end product.

Additive masterbatches can be specially formulated according to customer requests for different applications.

Product Application
White Masterbatch High quality white masterbatch with high dispersion and coverage.
Optical Brightener Masterbatch Increases whiteness and brightness of the product.
Antigas Masterbatch Solves the gas problem caused by granules or filler minerals.
Slip Masterbatch Prevents sticking by reducing friction resistance, acts as a lubricant.
UV Masterbatch Prevents the negative effects of ultraviolet rays on the color and mechanical properties of plastic.
Antiblock Masterbatch Reduces surface friction, prevents retention and provides fluidity.